Gearhart Indoor Dog Park and Doggy Daycare!

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3585 Hwy 101 N Gearhart, Oregon 97138

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Play park opens at 10:00am. Doggy Daycare can start as early as 7:30am and evening pick up by 6:00pm reservations only. 


Drop in rate $8-per hour (2 hour minimum)

Half day and full day discounts 

Doggy Daycare Packages Available:

5 visits-$34.20 a visit (10% discount)

10 visits-$31.50 a visit (20% discount)

20 visits-$26.60 a visit (30% discount)

*Packages expire in 3 months

We offer kennel free daycare with personal monitors for each daycare dog during their visits.

Call us for more information or to make a reservation at 503-738-9231

In an effort to support the "Shelter at Home" recommendation, Gearhart Indoor Dog Park will temporarily close its doors.
The Park will reopen at a time to be determined later, so that services to our canine clients and their human friends can continue.
Any interrupted Day Care contracts and/or Monthly Memberships will continue to be honored when the Park reopens.
Please stay healthy! We will miss you.
Best Regards,  Cliff, Kris, Brodie, and Spanky



We are an indoor play park with agility and exercise areas for dogs to enjoy and play with each other. There is a small dog area available if you are not comfortable with your little guys running with the big dogs. We also have a dog supply store with snacks, treats, and toys etc. We offer coffee and snacks for owners to purchase as well. We do have wi-fi and several televisions with seating available. We have an outdoor area available for use, weather permitting. While owners are responsible for controlling their dogs and cleaning up any accidents that happen, dog monitors are on hand to be sure all dogs are playing safely and equally, as well as making sure the park stays clean and sanitized. Monitors are also available to assist any elderly or handicapped owners, playing and cleaning up after your dogs when needed.

A day pass is $7 and allows you two visits per day to the park. We also have a monthly pass for $39 that allows you access for 30 days to the park. Additional dogs are $2 per visit.

*We do require a copy of vaccinations for all dogs entering our dog park. You may bring a copy or have your vet send us a copy via fax at 503-738-9756 or via email at

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Main play area



  • No outside toys please, as some dogs can become very possessive of their toys.

  • Be sure that your dog is playing equally and not getting out of hand.

  • Frequent outdoor trips are advised but if your dog goes inside, be sure you clean it up. (Our Dog Monitors are available to help, if needed)

  • If your dog does start to get out of hand Monitors will advise a little break in order to calm them down.

  • Please keep an eye on your dog at all times, we want all the dogs to be safe!



Daycare by appointment as early as 7:30AM, Pick up by 6PM

Park Hours
Mon -Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm - 5pm

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3585 Hwy 101 N Gearhart, Oregon 97138

Phone: 503-738-9231